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Ruble counters

ruble counters

Counter picking stats for Rumble. Rumble Counters based on role and lane matchup stats to assist champion select. CounterStats: Counter Picking Statistics for. There is no champion (except for MAYBE Hecarim) that I hate more in the entire game. Rumble has mobility, sustain, CC and a MASSIVE. Overview; How To Counter ; Strengths; Weaknesses; Abilities Rumble is an ability power champion who is almost always played top lane, but can be seen in.

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See our SummonerSchool Wiki! Worst Picks Against Rumble click the icons to view details. His abilities have absolutely nothing to keep him from spamming all lane and grow stronger the more he spams. Watch Rumble's heat bar - he will be silenced if it becomes full. General Counter Tips I do agree that running away from Rumble is bad, but imho, the overheat is Rumbles biggest weakness early in terms of trading. Zed used to, but his W nerf gives Rumble a lot more counter play options now so it's only a slight advantage to Zed. Ive heard Renekton is a counter, but I disagree. Playerbase Average Games Played. Either you zone him out and you get to control the lane, or you can all in him and secure the kill, then again, maybe im just playing rumbles that arent very familiar with. The key with champions like rumble, who is a Damage Over Time DoT champ, is to engage quick, do a lot of damage and back the fuck off. Free book of ra 2 deluxe is also melee, if you are on a ranger champ make last hitting for him hell. Novoline ebook download Discussion of the Day: Elise is maddening at times. If he wants to catch you with his EWQ, you can ruble counters cocoon him and even throw more damage at. As a rumble player myself, i find it really easy to stomp renektons in lane and to let them only have a small ammount of cs. Serious Replies Only Top level comments must contain serious answers. Don't engage Rumble unless you know you have the kill.

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WETTBÜROS ONLINE VERGLEICH If you can avoid trades and harass you can really be annoying to almost. For Zac, I don't know what it is but, I loose consistently against. In combination with some MR it should be good. Somewhat suboptimal, but it does make ruble counters really hard for Rumble. Champions who are quick can dodge his abilities and avoid his harass. It's not necessarily the kill potential but jayce's Knockback not only forces rumble away, it also turns him around which makes formel 1 monaco live flamespitter no longer hit. Most Popular Rumble Matchups click the icons to view details. Watch Rumble's heat bar - he will be silenced if it becomes .
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This is an archived post. If he rushes hextech he'll have a rough time against AD champs without a seekers. I swear to God. Sustain and raned poke is good against him. Hey, Ive played over games with Rumble in Season 3 so I figured id share what ive had most trouble with. All Champions Sign up Log in. Spell vamp is great on him, buying it is terrible on him unless necessary to counter a sustain top with easy poke. Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to In-Game Chat and Teamspeak! She also can farm under tower well if the Rumble pushes lane. You can cheese him early before be gets higher ranks of his skills and starts to be really annoying. You can just sustain through his Q most of the time.. That gives you room to call a jungle gank. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. Reddit recently gave us more sidebar space! Silences and "turn-arounds" are strong versus him, so you could try Garen, Cho'Gath, Xin Zhao the knock-up turns Rumble around or Jayce. We cannot give a timeframe for an AMA. You must be Diamond 5 or above, or have a unique role. Pay attention to his heat meter. Rumble is fairly awful at last hitting under turret too, shoving him into turret would really destroy his cs. She has good sustain, can stun, can hard engage from a distance.

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